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SHIVA ENTERPRISE, is an IT Company in Mozambique playing a proactive role in the accelerated growth of the IT Industry in the state.SHIVA ENTERPRISE was formed in 2001 with an objective to become a premier Information Technology Service provider with a strong product portfolio.

Our mission is to provide customers with innovative, high-quality and cost effective Information Technology integrated Solutions that enable business change in Africa.SHIVA ENTERPRISE was formed with a dedication to build a long term relationship with clients by offering high quality products and services at competitive prices.



Our Services


IT Outsourcing

Our IT outsourcing services are great for businesses that need Shiva Enterprise best onsite repair, remote technical support, and server support.

IT Consulting

We focus on understanding your business and its issues. Spending money IT without increasing productivity is non-sense. Our 10+ years of experience in IT consulting will definitely help us deliver a tried solution that works.

Server Base Computing

We sell high quality IT hardware and software product from major International Technology vendors around the world.

Web Application and design

Shiva Enterprise designs websites that enable you to establish your brand presence online and partners with developers who make use of the latest tools and technologies to ensure your site delivers results.


Sales & Products

Hardware and Software

We source best of breed products both locally and internationally and work with some of the most renowned technology brands in the world. Our product range covers scalable networking products, mobility solutions, managed print services, Software, storage solutions, Build to order PC’s and peripherals as well as vertical solutions such as Large format Displays. New additions to our line up include Large Format Printing, Point of sale solutions and Brother printers. Our wide product offering really sets us apart as a one stop shop for retailers and resellers alike and we pride ourselves in making sure that we meet customer demand by sourcing new products to complement our offering, as and when needed..

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Partners & Resellers

Why Partnering with Shiva Enterprise?

Reach new heights with strategic technology
Shiva Enterprise understands how IT operations can impact the key business issues that you rely on for success. In today’s rapidly changing economy our customer base looks to us for consistent, yet flexible solutions using the right combination of people, processes and technology.

The many features and benefits of partnering with Shiva Enterprise for your IT strategy and Business include:

  • * Comprehensive technical support – we’re here for you whenever you need us,
  • * Brand Portfolio: With our strong brand portfolio and permanent stock availability, our resellers always win, as We keep our products and prices updated all the time, Product discounts – our partnerships with leaders in IT mean you save more money,
  • * Negotiation Process: There is always a window for negotiation whenever our resellers find the deal is qualified. We acknowledge and help the process to be faster and efficient, Increased efficiency – with IT that will streamline your business processes, Proactive technology support – our experts will solve IT problems before they affect your business Faster Logistics – Our partnership with local couriers combining with our efficient timing helps our client to get their order nationwide in record time.
  • * RMA Support: Faster RMA support on all the products helps our resellers to sell confidently to their client with great satisfaction.

At Shiva Enterprise, your success is our success. That’s why we strive to maintain loyal, long-term relationships with the businesses that rely on us for greater efficiency, productivity and profitability.

  • * We build solutions based around your unique business and budget.
  • * Our tailor-made support plans mean you’ll never pay for technology you don’t want or need.
  • * Our team of technical experts and consultants work as an extension of your business, ensuring you and your staff are on the same page when it comes to IT.

For New Resellers: Contact us today to learn more about Terms and condition to join our resellers list and embark in Journey hand in hand on World of IT.

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